Wednesday, January 07, 2009

coupon policies

Publix policies and things to know:

-If you can go on Sunday or Monday and if your total (before coupons) reaches $10, you are eligible for the mystery penny item.

-Publix will accept competitor coupons.

-On BOGO sales, use two coupons (you are getting two items).

-You do not have to buy 2 of the BOGO items to get the sale price (In many FL locations you do have to buy both items. Check with your local store, though) Please note, our calculations are for stores that DO double coupons buying two items.

-When possible, for optimum savings combine store and manuf. coupons when you can(even a store coupon from a competitor store).
-Always ask for a Raincheck if your store is out of a BOGO/Sale item you wanted, and come back later with your coupons.

-Many Publix locations double manufacturer coupons that are $.50 or less (again, double check with your local store for their policy) .50¢/1 and $1/1 will get you the same deal.

-Some Publix sales start Wednesday to Tuesday, others are Thursday to Wednesday. Call your local Publix for their sale dates.


CVS policies and things to know:

CVS accepts manufacturer's coupons, including IP (internet printable) coupons. CVS also issues their own store-specific coupons. You can get these by email or printed out at the end of your receipt (these are referred to as CRT's - cash register tape).

Both ECB and CRT coupons are linked to your CVS account, which means you cannot use them without the same CVS card that earned them.

The CVS coupon policy allows for the use of one manufacturer and one CVS coupon on the same item. The best deals are found when you can combine a cvs item coupon and/or a manufacturer's coupon on an item that gives back ECB's.

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