Monday, March 30, 2009

T's publix trip 3/30/09

Total Before Sales & Coupons: $42.90
Total After Sales & Coupons: $13.33
Total Savings: $29.57
I made my attack on Publix today (with baby in tow) and made it out with all of the items pictured above for $13.33. In my haste to get in and get out quick with the baby, however, I unfortunatly missed the fact that the cashier did not take off the entire amount for the penny item (salad dressing). The Publix brand salad dressing was originally the "penny item" for the day, but they had run out so had replaced it with the Wishbone salad dressing. If I had looked closely I would have noticed that the amount taken off my bill was for one cent less than the amount of the Publix brand. I ended up paying around 42 cents for the Wishbone. I didn't realize until I was home. Yes, I know 42 cents for Wishbone isn't a bad deal, but I do go on Mondays for the sole purpose of getting the penny item. Bummer. I know I should have taken it back... I have learned my lesson. I still heart Publix.
Great deals on Earth's Best Organic Baby food (can't remember the exact price at the moment) and Glass Plus (25 cents each with coupons).
Can I mention how much I love their reusable bags? I take them everywhere! They are so handy. I espeically love that I haven't had to buy a single one, if you wait eventually a coupon will come around to get you one for free.

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