Monday, May 11, 2009

T's Publix deal 5/11/09...

Total Before Sales & Coupons: $72.96
Total After Sales & Coupons: $21.91
Total Savings: $51.05 (can I get a woo woo!)

Great day at Publix! Got my one penny potato chips. Everything else I bought above was on sale and I had a coupon for it, except the corn. They were 25 cents an ear though, not bad! The Chinet napkins were free with a couple cents overage after a coupon from last week's paper. I am really wanting to tear into those Sara Lee cheesecake bites...


  1. Ooh you got some deals I didn't know about. I am glad I will be reading your blog too! I saved $51.54 in coupons!! My grand total was $138.59 but I got two cans of Similac formula (plus I still am getting a $5 rebate from Similac), 26 jars of baby food, 2 boxes of Pampers diapers, one 231 count of Pampers wipes, and lots of food for the family! If I went to any other store I probably would have spent over $100 just on the baby items I bought! This is addicting!

  2. Great deals! I got the Similac formula too and just a few baby food jars. I didn't get any of the other deals, but found the coffee I can't get at my regular store. :) I am on a diet so I can't be buying all the cookies on sale as much as I want to! I saved $28 though.