Monday, May 18, 2009

T's Publix deal 5/17/09...

Total before sales & coupons: $62.06

Total after sales & coupons: $23.81

Total SAVED: $38.25

That's a savings of 62%.

I didn't do as well as I could have today. I bought a couple things we needed that, although I did have a coupon for, were not on sale. I don't like doing that! And... I did the Ritz BOGO deal, and had the coupon for "Buy Ritz get any variety Wheat Thins FREE" - and I didn't realize it included any Wheat Thins. I quickly looked at the picture of the Artisian crackers and thought it had to be that... which they didn't have. My loss! Sometimes I overlook things like that since I have an 8 month old pulling my hair or trying to grab things throughout the store... Good deals on yogurt, got four 4-packs of it so we'll be set on yogurt for breakfast for a while.


  1. I wanted to get the Artisian, but couldn't find them at my Publix. You got some great deals!

  2. Went to Publix Sunday night:
    Total before coupons: 267.84
    Total after 59 coupons and 1 $/$: $124.27

    My receipt was 5 feet long, 60.5 inches, I measured it. Crazy...
    I got a lot of items for free using my Baby club Qs.

    I wish I had taken a picture.. need to start doing that...