Tuesday, May 26, 2009

T's Publix deal 5/26/09...

All of this... for under $35!

*Not pictured is a gallon of milk I had already put in the fridge before taking the pic*

Total before sales & coupons: $127.37

Total after sales & coupons: $34.62

Total SAVED: $92.75

That's a savings of 73%.

I think this is the best I've done so far! I went in with a $5 off $30 Publix coupon, and a $5 off $25 meat/produce coupon from Whole Foods which they did honor as a competitor. I stocked up on some Greenwise ground chuck and some Filet Mingon! Yeah! The Publix where I shop also considers Target a competitor, so I got all the great deals and freebies on the Kraft salad dressing and BBQ sauce.
Moneymakers- Pedigree Dentastix, Knox gelatin ($3 moneymaker), and salad dressing!

Be sure to check back later in the week and we'll have all the upcoming deals posted for Publix!


  1. Okay...I am reconverted. Hueytown also took my Target coupons. I actually picked out a register where the sacker was a kid I had taught. I figured if the cashier gave me any problems he would intervene (ha). I saved almost 80.00! I could have saved another 5.00 but I did not have my $5.00 coupon. I will get it together. I also ordered a subscription to All For You (or whatever it is called.) I don't know if I am going to tackle CVS yet or not- but I am on board at Publix!

  2. I bought a lot of that same stuff last week. :o)

  3. Teale - at which Publix do you shop?

  4. Greensprings (Edgemont Town Center) They are great!