Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reinventing Beauty Magazine @ CVS...

For those of you who are not familiar with the "Reinventing Beauty" magazine at CVS, let me tell you that it is pretty awesome! It comes out quarterly (I believe) and includes manufacturer coupons AS WELL AS CVS! What does that mean? Any MFR that you have, you can stack it with the CVS coupon for one single item. This will definitely come in handy to all of you CVS'ers out there. Oh, and did I forget to mention the best part?? The price for this magazine is just .99! Less than a dollar for $25 worth of coupons. You can find Reinventing Beauty in the beauty section. At my CVS, they have them stacked on a table at the end of the shampoo isle. Below is a list of coupons included in the current issue:

MFR Coupons...

$1 off 2 Dasani or Evian 1 liter bottles, exp 8/31/09
$1 off Hershey's Kisses 8 oz or larger, exp 8/31/09
$1.50 off Kotex or Poise, exp 9/1/09
$1 off SmoothAway hair removal system, exp 10/30/09
$2 off any Veet, exp 12/31/09
$.50 off 20 oz Vitamin Water 10, exp 8/31/09

CVS Coupons...

$2 off Colgate Visible White toothpaste, exp 9/15/09
$1 off Colgate Wisp 16-ct, exp 9/15/09
$2 off any Cristophe, exp 8/31/09
$1 off any CVS brand suncare, exp 8/31/09
$2 off essence of beauty Flawless Pedicure System, exp 8/31/09
$2 off Essence of Beauty lotion candle, exp 8/31/09
$1 off any Fruitopia, exp 8/31/09
$2 off any Skin Effects, exp 8/31/09
$2 off Softsoap Ensembles pump or base, exp 9/15/09
$1 off Softsoap scrub or Irish Spring body wash 15-18 oz, exp 9/15/09
$1 off Speed Stick Pro, Lady Speed Stick 24/7, or Lady Speed Stick Clinical Proof, exp 9/15/09
$1 off any Viologie, exp 8/31/09

I will tell you, sometimes the magazine is hard to find, so you may need to ask a sales associate. If you're lucky, your CVS will have the magazine as well as a stack of the coupons from the inside that you can just take for free!! Good luck!

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