Wednesday, July 15, 2009

T's Publix deal 7/14/09...

Total before sales & coupons: $70.26

Total after sales & coupons: $32.20

Total savings: $38.06 (saved 54%)

Not my best trip ever, but I had several Target baby coupons that were expiring that I was able to stack with some MC coupons for good deals on the baby juice, baby cereal, and baby food. I am getting ready to stock up on some meat so I'm hoping for some good $/$$ coupons to come out soon!


  1. which publix do you shop at? i live in jemison and usually go to the new one on huntley parkway in pelham. i have been afraid to try using the target coupons since most stores stopped accepting them.

  2. I shop at the Greensprings Publix. They are very generous with their competitor coupon policy. If I am ever unsure about them taking a competitor's coupon, I will make a quick stop by the customer service kiosk on my way in. That way when I get in the checkout line if there is any confusion I have already had it cleared by a manager.

  3. I'm still all whiny about not having a Publix! I did score at least one good deal this week at Harris Teeter. HT is having super doubles this week and I got boxes of Kashi waffles for 39 cents each! It's not free but it's pretty darn good!